Construction site mishaps happens. And when glass gets scratched or damaged time and money loses can be costly. Glass Polish  has extensive experience in removing scratches and damage from glass on site for various building contractors, we can repair glass more quickly at less expense than replacement.

Severity of Glass Damage

Damage can be classified into four main categories, based on severity.

The length and depth of a scratch determines the exact process and time required for complete removal.

These are minor, moderate, heavy, and extreme.

  • Minor damage: the kind which you cannot hang a fingernail in, and is often the result of glass on glass rubbing, as well as sand paper scuffmarks.
  • Moderate damage: is substantial enough to catch your nail, but not enough to hang the edge.  This can be the result of razor blade cuts or sand erosion.
  • Heavy damage: can be felt under the touch of a finger, and is easily visible to the naked eye.  This kind of damage is often the result of pet scratches or dragging from moving furniture.

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