Commercial Limescale Mineral Deposits Removal

Commercial Lime scale Mineral Deposits Removal

Mineral deposits and stains on glass are caused when glass surfaces are exposed to the elements. Rain, sun, air, dust and building materials are the main culprits. Our polishing kits can polish and remove all types of mineral deposits and stains from glass with zero distortion.

You can purchase a professional kit and benefit from free technical phone support and detailed instructions, as well as step by step demo videos on YouTube. However, if you would prefer to hire us to do the job, click on ‘Get a quote’, or call the number above to speak with an expert.


For commercial use with glass polisher repair all types of mineral deposits.

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Severity of glass mineral deposits damage

Mineral deposits damage is classified into three main categories, Limescale, Stains, Chemical Damage, depending on the cause.


graffiti1light grey and white colour, the result of continues exposure to water and lack of water residue cleaning.


Angle_Grinder_Splatter_On_Window_Repair_Beforelight marks in various shades, the result of exposure to salt water, paint, road derbies and lack of cleaning.

Chemical damage

DSC00191Dark grey etch marks, the result of exposure to cleaning chemicals, acids and corrosives.

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