Construction Glass Chip & Crack Repair

Construction glass chip & crack repair

Construction work can leave chips or cracks on the windows and surfaces of newly built or renovated buildings. Chip or crack damage can detract from the appearance of your glass and make it less durable, but a full replacement job will incur extra costs and disrupt the building schedule. Our specialist resin will restore the structural integrity and visual appearance of damaged glass, eliminating the need for a costly replacement.

You can purchase our professional chip & crack repair kit and benefit from support from us to carry out the work in the form of phone support and detailed instructions. However, if you would prefer to hire us to do the job, click on Get a quote or call the number above to speak with an expert.


For commercial use. Specialist resin to remove chips and cracks from glass.

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Common chip & crack damage

Damage can be classified into three main categories, bullseye, combination break and half moon break, depending on the shape and type of the visual impact caused to the glass.

Bullseye break

Bullseye BreakThe kind of chip or crack that radiates from the centre.

Combination break

Combination BreakIs a chip from a stone that also has cracks radiating from the centre.

Halfmoon break

Half Moon BreakOval in shape the Half Moon Break is almost smooth to the touch.

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