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Here you can match the type of damage to a relevant solution from our range of products and services.

Wear and tear is always to be expected in your home. Whether you’ve experienced major damage to windows or single scratches on surfaces and appliances, we can polish away the scratches with our revolutionary range of repair kits..

This page lists the various types of glass damage you may encounter, with details as to the DIY and professional kits on offer for each problem. Alternatively you could hire us to do the job; our expert team work with both commercial and private letting agents as well as private home owners.

Glass scratch repair

Glass_Polish_Repair_ResidentialOur revolutionary kits remove all types of scratches from glass, no matter how deep the damage. They have also been scientifically proven to strengthen the glass.

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Glass chip & crack repair

Chips or cracks can often signal the need for a replacement. Our specialist resin eliminates this, allowing you to fill and restore the structural integrity of your glass.

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Ceramic hob scratch removal

Scratch on Ceramic HobScratches on your ceramic hob can be very irritating. Our scratch removal system will polish your hob, bringing it back to as good as new condition at a fraction of the cost for a full replacement.

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Table-top & glass kitchen worktop scratch repair

Kitchen Worktop Scratch RemovalWear and tear scratches are very common on glass tables, kitchen worktops and splash backs. Polish away scratches and bring them back to new condition, without the hassle and cost of a full replacement.

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Mirror & glass shower screen scratch repair

Shower Scratch RepairLooking into your mirror, you want to see a clear, untarnished reflection. Our scratched glass and lime scale removal kits will polish your mirror or shower screen back to its original condition.

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Aquarium & fish tank scratch repair

Aquarium Glass RepairAquariums & fish tanks often serve as a feature in your living room, so scratch damage can be a real annoyance. Using our kits, you’ll be able to remove damage and restore your tanks to optimal condition.

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Glass roof scratch repair

Glass Roof Scratch RepairGlass roofs are hard to reach, but often take a hit from the elements. Careless cleaning and tread marks from construction workers can also cause damage, leaving a dull, hazy layer on the surface. Our polishing solution will eliminate this problem, so that you can enjoy the light streaming in again.

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Severity of glass scratches

Scratch damage is split into three main categories: light, medium and deep. This depends on the depth of the glass scratch damage.

Light scratch

graffiti1Grey in colour and very faint. A scratch that your fingernail would not catch in. Often the result of careless cleaning or rubbing, as well as sandpaper marks.

Medium scratch

Angle_Grinder_Splatter_On_Window_Repair_BeforeDark grey or light white in colour. A scratch that your fingernail would catch in often caused by hard, blunt objects such as stones or razor blades.

Deep damage

DSC00191White in colour, visible to the naked eye and chipped. A scratch that your fingernail would catch in. Often the result of moving heavy objects over the glass (e.g. graffiti scratches.)

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We had one of your technicians take the scratches out of our kitchen windows last week. He did an amazing job and was a pleasure to have around. The windows look better than they did when they were first installed.

Great job thanks.

Katie Taylor

Homeowner, Leeds, UK