Marine glass damage repair

Marine glass damage repair

The elements take their toll on boats and yachts. Over time, the effects of salt water, sun, chemical cleaning and daily wear and tear can detract from the overall look of marine vessels. Our experts have years of experience working in the marine industry and will restore damaged glass to its former glory.

Marine glass polishing & coating treatment

Marine RepairsMineral deposit build up on windows and metal is caused by the exposure of glass surfaces to the elements. Salt water, sun, air and dust are the main culprits. Our glass polishing system can remove all types of mineral deposits and stains from marine glass, with zero distortion.

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Severity of glass damage

Mineral deposits damage can be is classified into three main categories depending on its cause: lime scale, stains and chemical damage.

Lime scale

graffiti1Light grey and white in colour; the result of continuous exposure to water and a lack of proper maintenance.


Angle_Grinder_Splatter_On_Window_Repair_BeforeLight marks in various shades; caused by exposure to salt water, paint and road debris, as well as by a lack of proper maintenance.

Chemical damage

Graffiti ScratchesDark grey etch marks. The result of exposure to cleaning chemicals, acids and corrosives.

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