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Home Window and Glass Item Scratch Repair
Ceramic Hob Scratch Removal

Repairing household glass items has never been so affordable, and much cheaper than replacement. Reinvigorate those worn, scratched and damaged glass surfaces. Glass polishing can bring domestic glass back to life – Ceramic Glass Hobs,  Windows, Mirrors, Showers and more can have a new lease of life.

Professional Glass Polish services let you repair scratches, marks, chips and cracks in many
household items and surfaces. The unique Glass Polish system can be effectively used on:

  • Glass Windows & Doors
  • Glass Table Tops
  • Ceramic Kitchen Hobs
  • Mirrors
  • Shower Screens
  • Glass Roofs
  • Fish Tanks
  • Conservatories

Every day, and even extraordinary damage to these items can mean expensive replacement cost, but in may cases Glass Polish can reapir the above items to their original state. All for far lower cost than a straight replacement, when items are treated with our system they come out looking as good as new.

Did you have builders or decorators round?
While working on your premises did they scratch the glass?
No problem we can help, even if it looks so deep you don't think it can be repaired don't worry we repair all types of Glass and Damage, we can even remove scratches from the edges of the glass.

All the work is carefully assessed and measured, we work on an hourly rate, so you only pay what you really have to.

Here is an Example of Removing Scratches From a kitchen work top.
You can clearly see the deep scratches on this domestic kitchen work Top. The damaged area measures approximately 1.5m wide by 0.8m high, and very noticeable on the surface of the glass:
Glass Kitchen work top scratches removal

Our unique glass polishing process involves an iterative polising using progressively finer and finer polishing materials.
In this image the kitchen work top unit is being polished to remove the scratches. You clearly see one of the deep scratches:
Initial Glass Kitchen work top scratches removal

In this image you can see the full damaged area ready for the final polish stage. The final porcess will further polish the surface to bring out the original brilliance of the surface with no distortion whatsoever:
Final stage Glass Kitchen work top scratches removal
With just a few hours work, and at a fraction of the replacement cost
Ultimately, after the final polishing the scratches are completely removed and the kitchen work top looks better than new. There is no distortion, and the kitchen work top has a brilliant scratch-free sheen:
Glass Kitchen work top scratches removal Complete
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Scrathced Glass Repair, Glass Scratch RemovalRemoving Scratches from Glass
With Glass Polish scratched glass repair has never been easier, we can remove any depth of scratch from all types of glass.
Chipped & Cracked Glass Repair
Chips or Cracks often signal the life end of glass we can inject resin and restore the structural integrity of damaged glass.
Graffiti Scratches Removal
If vandals left graffiti scratches on your glass, we can remove them with zero distortion, at a lower cost than replacement.
Plastic, Acrylic Scratch Removal and Repair
Polish away scratches or haziness from plastic and acrylic surfaces, renew your acrylic fish tanks and designer furniture.
Acid Etching polish and repair
Some graffiti vandals use acid to attack the glass we can remove acid etching damage from glass quickly and cheaply.
Chemical Damage remove and protect
Chemical Damage, Mineral deposits or Lime scale we can polish the damage resotre the glass and apply a protective coating.
Remove Grinder Splatter from Glass
Using an angle grinder near glass can cause splatter burn marks, we are a specialist in removing grinder splatter damage.
Removing Weld Splatter from Glass
Weld splatter can cause serious damage to glass, in most cases we can repair and restore the glass to it’s original condition
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