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Shop Front Window Scratch Removal and Repair
Shop Front raffiti Scratch Removal
Shop Front plate window glass is one of the most expensive glass items money can buy. And when excessive scratching or grafitti affects your plate glass it also affects your business. We can Polish out and repair graffiti scratches, acid etching, chemical damage, stone chips and cracks from Plate Glass Windows, all at a fraction of the replacement cost.

In the past few years a growing number of retailers shop fronts have been badly graffiti scratched and acid etched, Graffiti is usually caused by forcing a hard metal object such as a knife, screwdriver or a spark plug over the surface of the glass, until recently there was no other choice but to replace the glass or leave it.

This growing problem has led us to try and find a more cost effective method of repairing the glass, we can now offer our own new and unique polishing process designed especially for repairing graffiti damaged panes, allowing huge savings compared to replacement costs. The results of polishing are so impressive that we are able to completely restore, reface and renew the glass to its original ccondition leaving you with a pane looking as good new.

Example of Removing Graffiti Scratches from Retail Plate Glass Shop Front.

We were called to a high street retail outlet which had been the victim of malicious scratching, most likely with a Stone. You can see from the image that the scratching has an extremely detrimental effect on the shop front and reflects badly on the properties being show cased.

The scratched area was roughly 0.5m wide by 1m high:

Scratched Shop Front Plate Glass

Our unique glass polishing process involves an iterative polising using progressively finer and finer polishing materials.
In this image the plate glass has undergone an initial treatment phase. The entire process takes just hours, and as we move through each treatment the glass returns to a brilliantly clear state with no distortion whatsoever:

Initial Polishing Shop Front Plate Glass

With just one hours work, and at a fraction of the replacement cost
Finally after the final polishing the window resembles a new sheet of plate galss. There is no distortion, and the shop front again enjoys perfect vistas of the stores products:

Repaired Scratched Shop Front Plate Glass


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