Windscreen Scratch Repair

Windscreen scratch repair

Windscreens are prone to an array of scratches and damage that can dangerously affect driver visibility, both from the wiper blades and road debris. Our glass scratch removal system can remove all types of scratches with zero distortion; at a fraction of the amount it would cost to replace the glass.

Scratches caused by grit caught between the door’s rubber seal and the side windows, accidental ring scratches and vandalism can all seriously detract from the appearance and value of a vehicle. These can be removed with the Glass Polish kits.

You can purchase a DIY or professional system and also receive training. We provide free technical phone support and detailed instructions, further enhanced by step-by-step demo videos on YouTube. However, if you would prefer to hire us to do the job, click on Get a quote, or call the number above to speak with an expert.

Do it yourself

For home DIY use with an electric drill. Removes all forms of glass scratches.

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For commercial use with a glass polisher. Repairs all types of glass scratches.

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Hire an expert to do the job. Our team are happy to help.

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Severity of glass damage

Scratch damage falls into three main categories: light, medium and deep, depending on the depth of the scratch(es).

Light scratch

Windscreen Scratch RepairsGrey in colour and very faint, you would not catch your fingernail in this type of scratch. Often the result of careless cleaning or rubbing, as well as faulty or dry wiper blades.

Medium scratch

Medium ScratchDark grey or light white in colour. A scratch that your fingernail would catch in. It is the result of wear & tear or moving hard blunt objects over the glass.

Deep damage

Windscreen Scratch RepairsWhite in colour, chipped and easily visible to the naked eye. A scratch that your fingernail would catch in. It often the result of road stone chips or forcing hard blunt objects over the glass.

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